The Importance Of Management

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What do you want to stop doing?
Despite of my achievements, there are also some weaknesses that I want to improve. When it comes to management, it is highly necessary to establish ground rules that must be followed so that order and discipline is maintained. With the increasing number of workforce in our company, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the new personnel and explain to them all the house rules that needs to be implemented. There are instances when I would overlook some of their concerns given all the tasks and responsibilities that I have to do. At some point, I would receive some feedback from human resources which says that some employees are complaining about poor management because of lack of transparency and employee
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Lack of trust in the workplace is a major problem especially if it is directed towards management. As the famous saying goes, “Trust takes years to earn but only seconds to break”. This is why companies give high importance to retaining their integrity with the customers. A case in point would be the product recall of Tylenol which is done by the company, Johnson and Johnson. The tampered capsules were tampered and seven people died during that year (Monks & Minow, 2012). As a preventive measure, the company’s former CEO, Jim Burke did not hesitate to recall all potentially harmful Tylenol products even though it will incur high financial costs. This decision can be associated to the ethical responsibility of management towards its consumer and how their choice identifies the values that they prioritize as a company. As for me, I want to start living by my values and consistently apply them whenever I deal with the people around …show more content…
The quality of service given to the customers must always be top of the line which is why warehouse procedures must not be taken for granted. It is also up to the team leaders to make sure that everyone is aware that disciplinary actions will be given to those who have breached any warehouse policy or showed problematic behavioural issues. If needed, I can provide additional training in order to align each person about the best practices done and the corrective actions implemented to avoid the issue from

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