The Importance Of Management At ACCO

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Register to read the introduction… I believe that this is extremely important with regards to the management at ACCO in the coming years because we as a company will not achieve our Billion Dollar goal if we continue to operate at the status quo. Since Bill has been with the company for a long time (most of his career) he is of the opinion “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This mindset is narrow minded and will not allow ACCO to reach its goals. Companies have to adapt and change in order to succeed in this …show more content…
He is not clear in his goals and desires. Bennis wrote (1999, p. 5) “Effective leaders bring passion, perspective, and significance to the process of defining organizational purpose.” Second, in my three years with the company, I have never seen Bill as a motivator, nor have I ever heard from someone that he has motivated them in any way. To motivate someone to do something a leader needs to be able to rally their team of employees around them and it has been proven in the past that people to not even want to work with Bill let alone for him. Lastly delegation: This is a hard one because there is a fine line between delegating work to your employees and having them do your work for you. My supervisor and I have both been given work to do by Bill and we both knew that Bill just did not want to do it. This type of delegation does not make people want to work for you nor does it create a great leader or …show more content…
1) “Without leaders who can attract and retain talent, manage knowledge, and unblock people’s capacity to adapt and innovate, an organization’s future is in jeopardy.” Bill had a hand in hiring my supervisor and me (which he will never let anyone forget) but he has had nothing to do with our success or growth in the company. He is in the mindset that every time my supervisor and or I get a promotion or raise he should also.
Judgment: making difficult decisions in a short time frame with imperfect data
This is something that both Bill and his boss have a hard time doing. They will continue to push of making a decision until either they have all of the data they want, or they are pushed to make one.
Character: the qualities that define who we are
Unfortunately, this is the one major area that no matter who you ask in the organization will tell you that Bill fails miserably. He may say that he cares about the company and or the other employees, but all he really cares about is his paycheck. He comes into work late, he takes longs lunches and he leaves as early as he thinks he can (without making too many people see.) Many managers have to keep their doors closed in order to get any work done. Bill on the other hand keeps his door closed so people do not come to him for help or (GOD forbid) they might give him work to do. This has gotten so bad, that his boss the CEO of the company has to give him day to day tasks with deadline or Bill does

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