Standardized Education System

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In past centuries education has been a privilege, reserved only for those who either had the means or the desire to learn. As a result the people who were educated loved to learn. I believe that currently we are destroying that love for education by forcing students to go through a standardized curriculum. I also think that by teaching everyone the same things, in the same way, we are destroying individuality. While everyone needs an education, I refuse to believe that true learning can be found through a “ one size fits all” educational system. Students have lost a love for education because rather than a privilege, it has become a menial chore. Students dread going to school, and begin to associate negative feelings toward school, with negative …show more content…
Contrast that to students now, who hate school and everything that comes with it. Schools just aren’t a positive environment for students. With teachers that often resent their jobs, and peers that are miserable, combined with high pressure to memorize every fact and meet strict deadlines, eventually, even the most dedicated students will start to feel the same. Everything feels menial and boring and as a result the natural need for knowledge that we all possess is suffocated. School becomes a chore, something that gets in the way of living. Not only does standardized education damage people as students, but also as people. People who are eventually unprepared to face the real world. People who don’t know how to handle stress. People who don’t know how to deal with other people. And soon we see a society like ours, full of people doing only what others expect, and full of people who lack meaning and …show more content…
Not only would it be full of happy, positive people, but it would also be full of people who know how to think for themselves and are willing to work and be leaders. It would result in a fuller form of freedom, because people would really know who they are and what they believe. They would also be more open minded to differing opinions. People would also have such a love for learning that it would become a lifetime pursuit. Something that we would do out of enjoyment and a desire to improve ourselves eventually leading to students and everyone else to look forward to school, because they want to better

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