The Importance Of Love And Research

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Love and Research
First Date. Those two words alone might have made you reminisce about some very awkward situations you might have suffered through or maybe even some pleasant ones. If I had the opportunity I would focus my research on the difference between how people react with the opposite sex in a dyad situation, then in a large group setting and go in-depth to find why or why not that behavior changes. I would utilize field research and surveying to get general data then based on those results go deeper with focus groups and personal in-depth interviews. After all these findings it is important for myself and anyone that preforms research pertaining to any subject that they write out their findings in a literature review so others can
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For heterosexual men, even as young boys, women have always inadvertently caused us to act differently around them; alone, and in group settings. In my personal research I would focus on how a man’s behavior changes when with a woman as well as how a woman’s behavior changes with a man. First I would use quantative research methods, particularly Field Research and Surveying, asking men and women how any first dates went in the past and if any went south or if not and why. With these responses I can formulate questions then create a laboratory experiment with two focus groups of men and women to answer those questions. There would be two groups of ten: five men, five women. First meeting one-on-one, then after all the pairs meet they will then enter the group setting stage. The one-on-one interaction will serve as the base reading of behavior with the opposite sex, then the group setting will show if there is a drastic change in male or female behavior. This method will prove to be the most efficient way to attempt to get a “honest” reading thus give the best …show more content…
There are many different reasons why a literature review is important, perhaps the main reasons begin with the fact that in order for your research to be legitimate, another researcher must reenact your experiment and get similar results. If your literature review is unclear, researchers will get varying results and your research will prove invalid. Besides for other researchers, a clear review is important so you can inform the general population. Whatever the research and whatever the findings, the world should know of the possibilities and those possible answers. Without a literature review there is no reason for the project in the first place if no one will be informed of your research. The more knowledge the world has makes a better human race and, overall, the world a better

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