Impact On Literacy History

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Literacy History has a major impact on what one’s outlook on reading and writing will be; it all begins in one’s early years of life. The years when the fundamentals of reading and writing are introduced are the crucial foundation of one’s literacy history. Those are the years that make a lasting impact on students’ literacy experiences, constructing their future opinions on literacy (whether that path is easy and pleasant or filled with struggle). In one’s early years is when reading and writing make a lasting impression on them, often creating a stigma against reading and writing. The stigma may affect either their reading or their writing or both. Memories and literacy sponsors mold the students in the construction of this stigma. Literacy …show more content…
For me I had various positive and negative literacy sponsors. Most impacting in my early childhood, teachers and my parents pushed me year after year to master reading and writing. Some of these literacy sponsors were never wavering in their positivity, and these sponsors were the ones that overcame the negative views I possessed at the time. My original negative outlook on literacy did not come about on accident Early on in my childhood I did not enjoy either reading or writing due my second grade teacher who believed that I was, to put it blatantly, stupid. While in her class, she openly told me that I was not smart enough to be in second grade and it would be a miracle if I got into the third grade. To make matters worse, she kept me in during recess so that I had to redo all the class work I had apparently done wrong (furthering my association of literacy with negative experiences). This went on for six weeks. Second grade made reading and writing more than just a chore, but almost a form of torture. With one of my literacy sponsors believing I was stupid, I soon also believed this, and it took multiple other literacy sponsors and multiple years to convince me that I was, in fact, actually smart. Those are the literacy sponsors that I have to thank for my now love of reading …show more content…
Parents carry a lot of influences that guides their children’s perception on their literacy history. The perceptions of their parents the experience of reading and writing. For some literacy sponsors the importance lies in literacy education and for others maybe the importance for them lie in sports. there 's more clout in football or a competition competitive sports outside of that whatever they are taught as children is a great influence on them and their literacy history they may find that after many years of being taught that competition in sports was all that they receive the life that me and they won 't buy much cloud or recognition in reading and literacy or vice versa they find that their parents really influenced reading writing and education in their daily lives in inside and outside of class work in soon find enjoyment and reading and writing later in

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