The Importance Of Limb Loss

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According to one in five Americans are living with some kind of disability, according to the 2010 census that is over fifty-six million people. The states more than 500 Hundred Americans lose a limb daily. Limb loss is the loss or non-development of a portion or complete loss of an arm or leg. The CDC estimates that nearly two million Americans are living with limb loss in the United States today. Unlike these resilient people I was able to choose what disability I would live with for a third of my day. Initially I wanted to go without my right leg for eight hours. However making accommodations for this was proving to be a little difficult and time restrictions prevented this. Thusly on January 24th, 2016 …show more content…
My shoulder was mobile and able to assist me which would prove to be very useful. Now I go to my floor which is subacute care, I should also say that I only work here twice a month so that I can maintain my STNA licensing so no one I work with have seen me in a few weeks and I end up hurt half way through my shift. On the Subacute unit many of the patient are suffering from limb lose or lose of function due to surgery usually because of poor circulation from a preexisting diagnoses of heart disease or diabetes. Therefore many of my patients were very understanding of my injury; most avoiding asking for my help entirely. Some patients worked harder and more independently when they realized that there aid was injured. So while at work I had to collect a urine specimen and place in the test cup. The patient used a hat in the toilet I measured the specimen in the hat now the hard part placing the sample in the testing cup with one hand. I placed many paper towels on the counter and around the sink. I placed the specimen cup inside the bathroom sink and poured the urine in the cup. My usually ten second specimen transfer turned into a three minute task I was able to screw the lid on relatively easily, task completed! Work was pretty easy writing my end of the night was a little time consuming because I had to type with one hand and my desk is set up for a right handed person so I switched my desk arrangement. I made it through the las four hours of work smoothly, my lose arm promoted patients independence. The drive home was long, I couldn’t change radio stations or CD’s, I could not scratch an itch or wave to anyone. Upon arriving home I pulled in my driveway nose first because backing in required more energy

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