The Importance Of Learning In History

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The United States of America has had a complex history. Throughout its history it has done many things that its people are proud of and many things that its people are not so proud of. The U.S.A as a country cannot forget about the things the U.S. have done badly in the past but, rather, the U.S. must talk and learn the issues and problems so that Americans can learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. I believe that there are three very important lessons that our country can learn from history. The first lesson that can be learned is that the U.S. does not get involved in war/conflicts in other nations when the war/conflict is between separate parts of country, a civil war or a revolution. Next the U.S. needs to understand that one should not judge another based on their differences but rather need to accept their differences Finally the U.S. realizes that one cannot separate, remove or restrict any group of people that have the same origins. The United States has been involved in many wars and conflicts but the U.S. do not need to get involved in as many of them as the U.S. has in the past. The United States does not need to get involved in wars/conflicts when the wars/conflict is between two parts of country, a …show more content…
does not live in Vietnam and therefore has no real way of knowing what or how the Vietnamese want or feel. There was clear injustice when the U.S. gave help to Diem because the U.S. did not even fully support Diem either. Since the U.S. did not support him the U.S. actually gave out support to other officials in Vietnam to over through and killed Diem. By helping others to kill Diem the U.S. was basically saying that it only does things if it is in its own interest. This is true because the U.S. did not join Vietnam to help the South Vietnamese people but the U.S. joined helped the south because the U.S. did not like the north because they were communist. If you look at the evidence the U.S. joined the Vietnam War for self serving

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