The Importance Of Learning A New Language Essay

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It’s not easy to learn a new language that one never hear or speak before. Therefore, learning a new language can be tedious or detrimental for many people. However, for others, who are familiar with the language already, can say it’s effortless. From my perspective, learning a new language can be difficult. Perseverance and a thrill to learn, one can master this new skill. My encounter to learn a new language starts with when I went to the country (Guinea) in West Africa. People in this country speaks many languages, but the two most popular languages are French, and a native language call Susu which I don’t speak or understand. I went to Guinea in 1997 for an interview to come to the United States. I arrive in Guinea in the evening towards night time (can’t remember the exact time). I wake- up in the morning, then realized that I can’t speak or say good morning to the people leave with and the neighbor whose house was in front of owes. The only person who understand me is the lady name (Inna- whose means mama in Mandingo); and her daughter Fanta. Both of this people can barely speak English, but can perceive what I am saying. I stand in front of the veranda and here comes the neighbor saying hi (for which I believe they was saying) and want to talk to me. I can’t say anything but to smile at them and then go inside to get someone who can grasp what they’re saying them. I felt awkward, out of place, and sad and want to go back to my country- without first…

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