The Importance Of Knowledge Mathematics And The Arts

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The claim that “without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished” implies that some knowledge is more valuable than others. More specifically, shared knowledge is more respected than personal knowledge. In other words, if you don’t use or share what you know/learn in real life, the knowledge loses validity and worth. The areas of knowledge Mathematics and the Arts will be used in this essay to investigate this claim with respect to ways of knowing of Reason and Emotion and the main knowledge question: How do we know what knowledge is considered to have value?
The first thing that comes to my mind with this claim is the Area of Mathematics. Mathematics is investigated via Reason. Universal formulas such as the
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In today’s society, the youth are not encouraged to become artists. Some say the era of art is finished and the future is STEM. There are many personal and universal examples to evaluate this claim. My friend majored in music in college; however, after 2 years of studying it in college, she discovered the only way she would get a job in music would be to teach it. And realistically, music teachers do not make much money—at least not in the public school system. She ended up dropping out of college and was forced to take a job as a receptionist at a law firm. In this case, music was not applicable to her world; thus, the value of knowing it was diminished. Yet, is our personal growth and knowledge of the arts integral to humans? Art is made to express ourselves. If we keep our art to ourselves however are we missing the opportunity to share with others the beauty of it? If this is true, our way of knowing via emotion is virtually diminished in value. French artist Paul Cézanne once said “a work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art” (Paul Cezanne n.p.). In the cases of political cartoonists who are hired and paid to create their art, emotional investment might not be felt to make it seem realistic. However, political cartoonists do directly apply their knowledge in the world and according to this claim, a political cartoonist who does not enjoy making their art has more valuable knowledge than an artist …show more content…
In regards to the Area of Knowledge Arts, the benefits of personal growth and accomplishment outweigh the externals of sharing the art and can even go as far as to diminishing the value of the art because of sharing it, as seen in Bill Watterson’s opinion of merchandising. However, when Mathematics are concerned, the application of knowledge is essential when investigating solutions to real world issues. Trade schools play an integral role in America such that those with vocational degrees are needed to sustain normal functions such as electrical or plumbing work in society. The term ‘use it or lose it’ can be coined from this claim in reference to untouched skills. And how do we know what knowledge is considered to have value? Well, knowledge is defined as justified, true belief; therefore, depending on an individual’s personal experiences and opinions, what valuable knowledge is, is ambiguous. Such that, while applying knowledge to the world is useful, not applying it directly does not necessarily diminish its value as to where it means nothing; like all situations, there is a balance between the

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