The Importance Of Juvenile Justice

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Register to read the introduction… As compared with adult offenders, one important factor that affects the offender category is the age of original jurisdiction, which is defined as the upper or oldest age at which a juvenile court has jurisdiction over offenders (Seiter, 2008, P. 267). The judge will take age, severity of crime, and record of past convictions into consideration. The judge will decide whether the juvenile will continue to be processed by the juvenile courts, placed them in family court or in a child welfare agency. In accordance with state law or penal code, juvenile delinquents will receive punishment and be registered to attend programs to rehabilitate. Juveniles may also be placed on formal probation, in restricted facilities, participate in court operated counseling, and have a fine to pay. Another important protection afforded to the juvenile and not to the adult offender is the classification of the committed offense. The five categories as stated by Baker includes, “Category A: first offender and unconditional release, which apply to the first offender except those charged with serious and/ or violent crimes. Category B: nonresidential community alternatives, which include restitution, work hour fines and day time detention. Category C: non-secure group home, which juvenile is given an indeterminate period of time and supervised by a live-in married couple. Category D: community based secure detention, which is a short-term detention facility. Category E: state-operated facilities, involved minimum security small group camps, and closed secured institutions” (2005, P. 318). Adult offenders directly report to the court systems for sentencing and other court ordered …show more content…
The juvenile rights at the time of arrest are key components which help evaluate the offense and help guide further actions by the judge. Additional protections afforded to the juvenile emphasize procedures that must be granted in court. Ultimately, the goal of the due process procedures should be geared towards helping the juvenile refrain from the criminal justice system. We can all agree that juvenile delinquents should be punished for their criminal behavior and be held responsible in accordance with the law, but the protection of their legal rights must not be taken from

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