The Importance Of Just Add Water

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Just Add Water
Our world is not a boring cake box mix where we just add water. By opening our mind to those around us we learn there is more than one way to bake a cake. In The Destiny of the Republic and The Glass Castle we learn how confrontation and unbelief have the opportunity to destroy an open mind and hinder how we can grow in our education and beliefs. In The Chosen we read Danny and Reuven had different beliefs, but were both open to each other and to learning from each other. As we come to understand a life lived with an open mind not only betters oneself, but also the world.
Writing our own story in pen is not how to live with an open mind in a world with constant change and new discoveries. If we have beliefs set and stone, we
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An open mind goes right along with open eyes. Having eyes to see is one of the greatest qualities a person can have. A way to better the world is benefiting those around you. At first eyes to see looks simple. The early stages are small responsibilities for earthly objects such as picking up garbage on the ground or cleaning after a large group gathering even if it is not all of your belongings. Then it becomes a little more personal when things are missing in situations such as a chair for a neighbor. Than a transition into a personal relationship towards seeing the needs in others and wants for everybody else’s desires. Having eyes to see require an out of the box thinking on humility and being selfless to better those around you. In the short story A Private Experience the women had eyes to see when Chika had a bloody leg. Her first instinct was to take her own scarf for a bandage wrapping. Later she asked for other things that Chika may have needed help with such as bathroom necessities and checking up on the riot for Chika. She had the mindset of servant towards a stranger she had just met. The woman bettered the world by having eyes to see the needs of those around …show more content…
A little bit of ambition drives an open mind into action, but take caution because ambition has the ability to overrule your moral compass. Because of his narrow-minded way of being king, Macbeth’s ambition leads him to a selfish, short lived reign. Towards the beginning of the play Macbeth address the stars about his actions as he says “Stars, hide your light so no one can see the terrible desires within me (Macbeth). Ambition seems to be one the greatest themes in the play Macbeth and already we see that Macbeth is falling apart with terrible desires. Without guidance, Macbeth’s ambition leads him to killing. He is open to almost anything with a promising future, but with a little negative motivation from his wife, he soon would kill anybody in his way to the throne. If Macbeth had channeled a way to bring his motivation and ambition into positive actions he could have been a great leader to benefit those around

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