The Importance Of Job Health And Safety

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equipment is to be worn at all times, as appropriate, given the employee 's job duties.

It is also every employee 's responsibility to fully understand and be prepared to safely and properly perform the duties and tasks of his/her job; to quickly and carefully follow all instructions; and to correctly use and maintain office or medical equipment and instruments. Any questions about job health/safety are to be discussed with the Supervisor/Practice Manager or the physician/owner on clinical questions. If an employee is uncertain about a health/safety procedure, he/she is not to guess; the employee should ask his/her Supervisor/Practice Manager.

Depending on their job duties employees will be provided with information about
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Employees are to ask the Supervisor/Practice Manager to review with them any MSDS that is related to their job duties and responsibilities.

The Practice expects every employee to exercise care for his/her own safety, that of other employees, patients and visitors Whenever an employee observes an unsafe or hazardous work condition, or incident, it must be reported to the Supervisor/Practice Manager immediately. All situations, no matter how minor they may appear at the time, must be reported The Practice 's Infection Control Committee is as follows: (Designate by practice)
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Universal precautions are to be used even if there is no reason to suspect that a patient may be infected. If an employee believes that he/she has come in contact with potentially contaminated blood or other bodily fluids, it must be immediately reported to the Supervisor/Practice Manager or the physician/owner.

Only designated clinical staff will treat those patients where there could be any likelihood of exposure to blood or bodily fluids. All clinical staff are encouraged to receive the Hepatitis-B vaccine. In accordance with OSHA requirements and the Practice, the Hepatitis B vaccine is available to all employees within 10 working days of initial assignment where they may have occupational exposure. Disposal of blood/body fluids/infectious materials will be performed only by designated clinical staff.

Infection Control: Universal Precautions
All employees, regardless of their positions, must adhere to the following universal precautions for infection control at all times in the functioning of the

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