A Note On Jewish People During The Holocaust

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Samuel Blankenburg
Mrs. Colondres
31 Jan. 2018
Leopold Rousseaux People during the Holocaust didn’t stand up for the Jewish civilians who were being brutally harmed and harassed. They could have helped these poor Jews but instead chose to watch them get murdered and beaten down. A lot of people even took advantage of this. When a Jewish family was moved out of the building neighbors would steal their home as is the Jewish people who lived there before weren’t even there to begin with.

Before WW2, Hitler ran for chancellor for Germany. When he won, he became a dictator and The Nazi party joined a coalition. Germany was in debt from the last war and decided to make the Jews the public enemy for their loss in the previous war. The Country gradually produced new laws and enforced them with an iron fist. These laws excluded Jews from society, attacking Jewish businesses and later began moving them to
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The consequences were massive they could even lead to the death of you and/or your family. People were very afraid to help the Jews who were being outrageously oppressed by the Nazi Party. I have a great amount of respect for those who could actually help the Jewish people. The put their lives on the line and many of them died trying to help others. If I were in their shoes I don’t think I could commit to helping Jews.

The “Bystander effect” played a huge part during the Holocaust. The people all followed each other and didn’t do what was right. The Bystander effect is where people automatically go into groups. Let’s say there is someone in desperate need of help on the sidewalk and the first person just walks by without a second thought, the majority of the people will take the same actions as the person in front of them. This will continue until an active bystander will help the person and then more people will join into this new “helping group” because they don’t want to be alone helping this

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