The Importance Of Intervention Strategies For Children Essay

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The clinician will utilize intervention strategies that are appropriate for the child in order to help the child develop skills that will enhance her reading. In order for a child to engage in reading there is several areas that the child must excel in. These areas include phonemic awareness, print concepts, alphabetic awareness, oral language, reading rates (Nelson, 2010). According to American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) a speech language pathologist can indirectly and directly incorporate reading intervention into therapy (Nelson, 2010). The clinician will utilize The Embedded Explicit Approach to help the patient’s readings skills and increase the patient expressive language in which the CELF-4 demonstrated. This approach is used by speech language pathologist, and any professionals that are part of the interdisciplary team that help provide resources to those children in need. The embedded explicit approach is and approach that helps enhance children oral language, phonological awareness, print alphabetic concepts, and emergent writing skills by using meaningful activities. The approach is going to help provide treatment for increasing awareness of reading components, but it’s also going to have an effect in the child’s overall language, more specifically the expressive language and language structure of the patient. Unfortunately, after extensive research no case study articles were found on the implementation of The Embedded Explicit Approach.…

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