The Importance Of Interactive Art

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How Interactive Art Installations encourage audience participation through Co-authorship, Social Interaction and Play

As new technologies emerge, digital and interactive art is becoming more and more popular as more artists continue to explore and learn new ways to fully engage with an audience through different kinds of interactive art. The importance of the audience is a defining feature of interactive art as the artist is mainly concerned with how the audience behave and interact with their work as it’s usually the key for the work to deliver its message or achieve it’s objective. Interactive art installations have allowed the traditional notion of the audience being spectators to change as the audience can now become participants when
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For this interactive installation, the audience are invited to a certain public location or open space to play a sine wave with a device equipped with individual speaks to create a sound performance with the rest of the participants. Participants could bring a device of there own choice that could produce a sine wave, including laptops, synthesizers, music players with speakers, analogue oscillators and mobile phones etc. There were no frequency limitations and the volume of the sine waves were the same grade as people’s voices

The first Sine Wave Orchestra took place in 2002 with about 30 participants. The performance lasted around 2 hours. The number of participants or in this case, co-authors grew as more Sine Wave Orchestra installations were exhibited in different locations and places. The Sine Wave Orchestra stay installation took place at NTT ICC in 2005 as a part of the Open Nature Exhibition. During the exhibition period about a total of 8,000 people participated and created sine waves for the
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“Catch Me Now” is an interactive light installation consisting of a moving spotlight augmented with computer programming and a webcam. The spotlight moves around on it’s on in a gallery space until someone steps it on. Once the spotlight is stepped on it grows in size and changes colour via a variety of programmable motion cues before moving away from the person again. Catch me now aims to create a playful environment within a space which invites people to play and move within a space in order to step and “catch” the spotlight. Bech believes that the play aspect of the installation and the “playful” material language of the spotlight encouraged the audience to participate because they were able to create their own play scenarios within the interactive

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