The Importance Of Instructional Coaching

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Similarly Kowal and Steiner (2007) use research to support instructional coaching as a means of raising student achievement but they also suggest guidelines for instructional coaching from proven professional development practices. They emphasize that the precious resources that are being poured into coaching programs are not in vain. The article defines effective instructional coaching and makes connections to research to support the authors’ statements on the importance of instructional coaching. The definition of an instructional coach described is put simply as an instructional coach is defined as someone whose primary professional responsibility is to bring practices that have been studied using a variety of research methods into classrooms by working with adults rather than students (Kowal and Steiner). …show more content…
These skills are pedagogical knowledge, content expertise and interpersonal skills. It is evident that interpersonal skills are important for building teacher relationships. However, the article claims that additional research could contribute greatly to the understanding of these capabilities by comparing effective and less effective coaches. The research could use reliable instruments that measure psychological attributes such as intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits. This would broaden the understanding of the qualities that effective instructional coaches have. Although the information from the research provided by Kowal and Steiner is applicable to understanding effective instructional coaching, they do not provide the evidence of effectiveness from instructional coaching on student

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