The Importance Of Indigenous Culture

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I have little to no knowledge about indigenous culture; I am an international student and have not had any chance to study anything about the indigenous culture. I knew about the existence of aboriginals but that was about the extent of my knowledge. What I knew came from the internet when I came across it casually. I am very interested to learn more about indigenous culture and history.
After the tutorial and lecture I have learned that all history here is “white washed with white culture” and that it is all seen from a white mans point of view. As I did not grow up here nor did I go to a school here, is the reason I have no previous knowledge about any history of Australia. How this course presents Australian knowledge will shape my view
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Western white culture is controlling the media and labels things as right and wrong, it shows what the norm is to be normal, and anything that doesn’t follow that is abnormal. People that create and publish their work to the world have a lot of influence too in what is the norm to be normal. Famous people are seen more important in western culture than amazing and brilliant inventors that have created machines that might have saved an environment, a way to source power and many other inventions. These famous people can influence the public because the public look up to them and try to aspire to be more like …show more content…
They practice the religion in Mandarin, and I do not fully grasp the language. I it has references to Buddha and the temples with monks as they have mentioned this in conversation. From this I learned that my parents believe in items that are blessed by the monks from these temples and follow the rules that accompany in these ritual blessings of items. I accept my parents view and beliefs of their religion, and from this have experienced on wearing certain items as they were blessed for good

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