The Syrian Immigration Crisis

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Nowadays immigration is a great deal of trouble. Because of wars, terror, and rebellions, people lose their lives, and those do not lose their relatives or homes. These survivors have to find a way to keep living, which means they have to leave the country in which, they had been dwelling for many years and find a new one which would never replace the former’s place. These times there are many conflicts going on in East, especially Middle East, particularly in Syria which was the most beautiful Arab country until 2011 in which the civil war broke out which would turn the state into the most unlivable and dangerous place on the Earth. And its dwellers instantly began to a new place to last their lives, primarily the neighbouring countries such as Jordan …show more content…
Many of the innocent civilians ended up being killed in conflicts. More than the 80% of all deaths caused by the Arab Spring are in Syria. Clear enough, this is what hits the refugees hardest and worst.
It was the Syrian Civil War what had started the immigration crisis, though it was not towards the Europe at the beginning but it actually is mainly towards Europe. Refugees cannot stay in Turkey whence they go to Europe for this extremely important reason: They cannot work in Turkey due to their social status though the AKP government granted the refugees citizenship to get their votes. So the refugees from Syria have to reach Europe.

To put it briefly the difficulties the refugees face are the Dublin Regulation which unables the refugees to go further in Schengen countries, the horrific life conditions they confront, and the haematic civil war ongoing in their homelands. But no matter how bad the conditions are, they preferred to live rather than breaking into pieces in the Middle East and they have to make it to

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