Summary: The Importance Of Hygiene In Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians were very popular at their time and through history till now for many things that we Egyptians should be very proud of. Throughout the years we have lost many of these traits that were once something that is valued and sacred. Some people may think that due to the era where Pharaohs lived they did not have a complete life that is full of entertainment as we do nowadays due to the globalization and technological advances, but this is actually not true because Ancient Egyptians were very talented at many professions that makes them advanced in what they of these things is hygiene which they were very considerate about and till now but the scales varied. Hygiene in Ancient Egypt was not just an ordinary daily routine; …show more content…
Most of the problems that the Egyptian culture is facing are related to the economic wellbeing of the country and for that reason personal hygiene was more spread and more accessible in Ancient Egypt because as we all know, the Ancient Egyptian civilization was rich and politically stable. Back in the day Egyptians bathed daily, shaved their heads to prevent lice or other problems, and regularly used cosmetics, perfumes, and breathe mints but today the case is different; most of the lower class Egyptians don’t pay attention to personal hygiene because they may have other problems in which they believe is more important than taking a bath or using deodorants. One of these problems is being homeless in which he/she does not have a place to shower; another problem which I personally believe is more spread in Egypt throughout all social classes is searching for ways to get money. Secondly, I have mentioned that according to the "Book of the Dead" ancient Egyptians could not speak phrases from the book unless they are clean and well-dressed in order to say such phrases in the afterlife. In current day Egypt the case is different, because I am Christian I will tell you my experience in churches where you are supposed to be clean and well dressed because it’s a sacred place. In all churches you are supposed to take off your shoes before going in, when people take their shoes off some of the shoes turns out to be very smelly and this is not acceptable in such sacred place. I have mentioned before that ancient Egyptians only relied on natural oils and other ingredients in producing their cosmetics which is pretty impressive for they had limited resources other than what we have today. Egyptians now a days do not produce any cosmetics, even the small businesses that produce facial creams and scents are very bad quality and 90%

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