Executive Summary: The Problem Of Hunger In Our World

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Hunger has always been a problem for our world. Today, 842 million people are currently undernourished. Now, that’s nothing compared to the statistic in 1992. In 1992, 1 billion people were undernourished. There are many determinants as to why the people of our world are suffering from famine, hunger or starving. Economic policies have been contributing to an increase in food prices. (Clapp) The uneven distribution of food production, food trade and poor access to food are the key reasons people are starving. (Clapp) Global food security needs severe improvement. Food shortages, undernourishment and droughts all remain huge problems. New organizations are helping decrease the amount of undernourished/starving people in undeveloped countries, as well as developed countries. Just because we live in a highly advanced country, does not mean starvation or famine does not exist here. It exists everywhere you can possibly go. All we have to do is try to beat it. Of all of the people in our world, 842 million people are undernourished. (Price, 2014) Of …show more content…
Some are looking towards the sea for a source of food. Water covers 70% of the world. There are obstacles to do this, although. Many areas/bodies of water have been overfished, or polluted severely. Aquaculture, depleted soil and polluted water supplies on land have helped in the destruction of mangroves to create shrimp farms. The result of this was fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and fish waste pollute the ocean. To avoid the downsides of aquaculture, fish farmers are starting to raise their fish in tanks on land; others are adopting environmentally friendly practices. (Price, 2014) We can’t escape the fact that we are destroying our world. We keep pushing the world even further. Eventually, it’ll have had enough and all that will remain will be a barren wasteland. Caused by us trying to mine, fish, farm, and more

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