The Promise Of Biotechnology And The Threat Of World Hunger

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The world hunger is a really worrying problem, either today and in the future. It is estimated that more than 12% of the humanity suffer with the scarcity of food nowadays (Long, C. (2013, March). Global food crises, food insecurity and measuring hunger. Retrieved from We have been fighting against the hunger since the Green Revolution in the 20th Century, but we still have a long way to walk before its end (Borlaug, N. E. (October 2000). Ending World Hunger. The Promise of Biotechnology and the Threat of Antiscience Zealotry. Plant Physiology vol. 124 no. 2 487-490. Retrieved from That is why I believe that the Genetically Engineered (GE) food have a important role in feeding the future world population, because of all the facilities that it might provide, such as quality and quantity of food. …show more content…
They say that not enough quantity of food is not the reason why the hunger happens, but the way the food is shared as well as the lack of money. Is also mentioned that Genetically Modified (GM) crops does not show better results in the production or in the income when compared with conventional crops. The opposition either say that “Most GM crops are engineered to tolerate herbicides or to express a pesticide”, and that is not a relevant characteristic when fighting agains the excess of starvation in the world. It is also noticed in their speech that they believe that there are better solutions for the starvation than the GE

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