The Importance Of Humanity In Society

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Humanity has strived, even survived off of progress. It is what drives our evolution and continues to ameliorate ourselves. In Adlerian psychology, it is theorized that the main strife in any given individual is to progress and improve themselves, as well as the society in which they reside. Considering this, we may have taken progression to a damaging level. Innovation is a delicate and ambivalent matter that must be taken cautiously. It is both beautiful and terrible, and the outcome is solely in the eyes of the beholder.
Humans are observably close to our mammalian counterparts; however, we treat these biological relatives in tortuous ways. Facilities full of animals labeled “specimens” rather than living creatures. Farms full of livestock,
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Amazingly, since 1776 The United States of America has been in a war about 93% of the time since its separation from Britain. That is astounding, 222 out of 239 years, this country has been involved in some kind of conflict.5 During an interview with a CIA veteran, who used the alias “anonymous.”6 He spoke out against the war in Iraq, which has controversy as to whether or not America should have been involved. Anonymous stated that he believes America is in denial of what they’re facing. As he speaks, he mentions that America made a mistake by invading Iraq in efforts to wage their war on terrorism. Continuing, he states that we are winning significant battles, but ultimately losing the war. That the losses outweigh our efforts, and that we have reached a point of no return. Consequently, America can’t leave, because it has already done such a great deal of damage that we now have true enemies. These wars are not only brutal but highly immoral and inhumane. Heinous acts of murder that we commit, children left bloodied in streets, with death tolls rising with each passing day. Why did we invade Iraq?7 As innovation continues, people tend to want more than think. Humans have evolved past the point of necessity and moved into an era of cynicism and greed. After we reach this point, there will be nothing for us to sacrifice other than our morality, and that’s …show more content…
Machines ameliorated lives years ago, allowing children to be free from labor, allowed more jobs and job security. However, under the reign of greed, it can be an unfair, sinister aspect to us. To put it into simple terms, we build machines, to build machines that fabricate the end of our species. The three Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants are a strong example. A natural disaster caused these power plants’ cooling mechanisms to fail, and because of that one incident, nuclear pollution vomits into the Pacific Ocean and has eradicated overwhelming numbers of ocean life. Tragic as this is, it’s not widespread that it’s still going on today.8 Perhaps we strive too far, and impedes evolution, as it causes harm to all living

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