China Being A Superpower Essay

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Imagine a better world, one where we can finally help our economy, leadership and politics. China could help with that, not only with money but with our technology as well. Think about it, China has so many advancements and higher technology Alexander Graham says that ¨it makes us look like we’re back in the 1870’s when the first phone was invented.¨ We can use China on our side, and now that we’re beginning to be on good terms this really gives us a chance to improve. If we have China on our side then we can exchange ideas, products, food, anything that could lend a shoulder. People don’t understand that we need this, our surplus value is going down and the only country willing to give us a chance is China. We bring in Yuan for China …show more content…
They make their products and rely on their own technology inventions making this even more easier for both the U.S. and China because if China can easily make products with a low cost of payment then we won’t be worrying so much about the cost of military inventions that would need to be made. China is known for it’s struggling economy, meaning there’s a lot of poverty that was going around China because of the decreasing number of jobs. This is another reason why people think that China will never be the next superpower, because what kind of country can only be focused on being a superpower when it has so many flaws to take care of. We can’t choose a superpower all willy-nilly but then it turns out that they themselves have so many conflicts going on and they end up becoming worse than the first superpower. However, China has yet again been able to fix some of their problems, one being the poverty of their population. The way they did this was by maintaining a great leadership that made them run very peacefully and smoothly. Deng Xia Ping was responsible for this reform and modernization, they use communism as their leadership and priority, it’s been keeping the people in their own position of society but has also been rising a few from poverty. China innovated economic policies which lifted China’s struggling economy by introducing private ownership, market economy, and less government control to boost economic

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