Human Enhancement Meditation Analysis

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Section 1:-
Since a long time humans have sought to make improvements to their life condition in many ways. Historically, these have taken us from creating tools, harnessing external forces and systems, making changes to the environment through the ability to manipulate the material world. However in the 21st century a movement has emerged which sees such changes to humanity as not only desirable but as essential, that is, a vision for the transformation of humanity through technology. ‘Human enhancement’ has been used in different ways, and can be seen in changes in human condition through agriculture, nutrition, energy, engineering, mobility, education, military, counseling and therapy, and so on. The present study views cognitive enhancement
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In context of defense forces it is crucial to maintain cognitive state during operational environment and also post war. Attentional performance and decision-making are crucial for sterling performance. Meditative techniques applied on defense personnel have pronounced effectiveness against PTSD and onset of depression but there is still very few work has been done on cognitive domains of …show more content…
Identification of threats and suspects during day & night operations is also a big challenge for Army personnel. In different terrains with physical stressors like extreme humidity, heat or freezing cold effect the cognitive abilities to stay at even default state of mind. Soldiers in combat forces are enormously prone to get exposed to emotional and mental trauma; strategies to enhance psychological resilience among them are needed. Especially with meditation and other cognitive training program deployed military troops can benefitted. Multimodal training programs, should be incorporated in military training. Multimodal as compared to single modality treatments, have emerged as an important option in the management of stress disorders and perseverance of cognitive state of

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