The Importance Of Healthy Nutrition

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Healthy nutrition is maintaining a balance of all the basic food groups- dairy, lean protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables- as well as keeping up with a good exercise routine. Without an overage or shortage of these foods, the body can function normally and nourish the body effectively in order to boost our health. The problem in our culture today is people are overindulging on specific areas of the food pyramid- particularly sweets and fatty foods- and they do not understand the role food plays on their daily lives. Although certain foods may have its benefits, obtaining the majority of your daily calories on sugary and greasy foods not only effects your dietary habits later in life, but it also effects your bodyweight and the …show more content…
5). Wellness encompasses: physical health, spiritual health, emotional health, social health, and occupational health. This includes regular physical activity, staying connect to your spiritual values and beliefs, thinking positively about your life, inviting loved ones and your community into your day, and having a impactful job that bring more joy to your life than stress. In addition to attempting to achieve wellness, an individual must take the time to learn more about their body and what it means to live a lifestyle suited for themselves. For example, someone may be lactose intolerant and a vegan. To accommodate their lifestyle, they may choose to drink Lactaid as a source of vitamin D to fulfil their dairy intake, and they may take a protein supplement to help out on the lean meat they lack in their …show more content…
This chart visualizes what a normal man or woman should weigh, regardless of ethnicity, according to weight, height, and age (Thompson, p. 391). The CDC Division of Health and Nutrition and additional partners conducted an extensive examination between the years 1960 and 2002 showing the mean body weight of adults in the United States. Studies reported that men and woman separated by ethnic classes such as Non-Hispanic white, Non-Hispanic black, and Mexican Americans, have shown an increase in weight with a mean of ten pounds and a deviation of three pounds. These results suggest we as a nation are getting bigger and the problem of obesity may be, or is, headed our way over the next few

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