Persuasive Essay On The Food We Eat

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Who ultimately decides what we eat? We are able to make day to day decision on the food we choose to eat but we are also limited by what we have available to us. It 's important to have healthy food readily available for everyone in order to improve the health of the consumer population . The government is responsible to insure the safety and health of the american people, by regulating what we eat. Many people feel uncomfortable about the government taking control of what we can eat and while I support that it 's the power of the individual to choose what they eat, I also strongly believe that it is the government 's job to make sure that the food we eat is safe and to also to use its resources to educate the public and promote healthy eating …show more content…
The numbers are even higher in African American and Hispanic communities, where nearly 40% of the children are overweight or obese.” (Learn The Facts.) American culture contributes to the obesity problem because of the large variety of fast food chains and junk food available at low cost and extreme convince. In addition, certain demographics are more susceptible to obesity and their are obvious patterns that link these ethnic groups to “food insecure” households who have lower socioeconomic access to resources.“ We spend $190 billion a year treating obesity related health conditions” (Obama). The obesity problem causes a lot of issues concerning healthcare and in long the run it is cheaper and more efficient to regulate certain junk foods and educate the public about healthier lifestyles. :“Many public health advocates believe the government has a significant role to play in improving nutrition, and recent initiatives show the government agrees. The White House made combating obesity a national priority. It formed a Task Force on Childhood Obesity.” (The Great Government Takeover.) The US government has a lot of resources and power to make real improvements of dietary habits and can help educate people …show more content…
Campaign has made important strides in the right direction to help make the American people healthy, however, to improve, there are still matters of which the US government can address or advocate for. The “Let 's move!” campaign sets a great example of what the US government can do to help improving its citizens health. In the end it 's government 's job to make sure what we eat is safe and healthy so we are able to have a choice in what we eat. “Let 's Move!” Is just the start of the government 's attempt to make the United States healthier by regulating food to ensure proper and adequate dietary

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