The Importance Of Happiness

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Register to read the introduction… “The trick is in knowing to expect adaptation rather than feverishly looking to change jobs in search of that lost excitement.”(Schwartz). Society might tell people to change the way they act or the way they dress to become “popular” or simply to fit in with society. If we listen to these criteria there would be no diversity in our world. How peoples see themselves in the mirror are how they feel about themselves, does it bring happiness to them? "That sometimes there's a great price to be paid for great works or beauty, for truth."(Wilson). Many people feel happy getting plastic surgery on their bodies. Sometimes they do it to show off that they have the money to afford those upscale effects. Citizens can do the most bazaar things trying to fit in, for example; a guy takes steroids to get buff and fit in with the football team. Fitting in does not always make one popular, or happier.
It is important to realize, society’s pressure makes people feel unfulfilled, and for example many teens get pressured about their look, style, or weight. Having good communications with humans can bring happiness, being kind and respectful can give one a warm heart feeling. A simple compliment can make an enormous difference. “Gratitude is the key to happiness” (Steindl). Laughing at people
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“People get more satisfaction from giving than from getting” (Schwartz). The fact that someone gives a present that is less fortunate than they are is the most amazing feeling of all. Having the words thank you from somebody makes you feel the most prosperous person in the world. Happiness is not bought with money. If it is used in the correct manner it can, for example donating money to an orphanage, or an association that is in need of financial aid. But even if money isn’t available there are miniature actions that can take your breath

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