The Importance Of Global Marketing Strategy

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It’s hard to determine how much the headquarters influences the operation of country divisions of a multinational corporation. It is argued that companies meet greater efficiency and economies of scale when there is an effective coordination of marketing policies within all the divisions of a multinational corporation. Coordination of country division by the headquarters is more productive for multinational corporations dealing with consumer goods than when the divisions are left to make sole decisions.
By its absence, marketing is conspicuous from the roles which can be implemented at the corporate headquarters level. A multinational undertakes market program standardization when it offers identical product line at a similar price using
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The major goal for Nestle is to enhance its current position and take up the opportunities available in the global marketplace. Strategic decisions on planning, implementing and maintaining the effective business activities are key considerations when deciding on foreign expansion. To implement a more global marketing approach, a multinational such as Nestle have to plan for the global market and organize itself internally by structuring itself on how to undertake its global marketing. Planning includes the long-term corporate planning that involves having a general goal for the firm. The highest management level may conduct strategic planning to deal with the company products, research, and capital. Internal organization involves analyzing the level of policy decisions, support from the staff, the degree of organizational control, centralization and level of marketing involvement among others. A company can have three structures in conducting global marketing namely, global product divisions, geographic divisions, and a matrix organization. Also, the management of the multinationals has to make the select the type of decisions that are to be made at the corporate headquarters and other national and local …show more content…
Such changes include environmental changes, strategic changes, and structural changes. When a multinational venture into a new market, it experiences an environmental change that would ultimately lead to strategic and structural changes. A company undertakes a strategic change when it changes the overall goal, purpose or mission. External environment may sometimes demand that the company rethink its major approach while conducting business. Changes to issues like target market segment, business partners, and what products or services to offer are some of the strategic changes that a multinational can make. Structural changes are changes affected from either internal or external factors that affect how the company operates. Multinationals merging with other companies from other countries undertakes a structural change to respond the market shift. Such structural change would include the change in the chain of command and management systems of

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