The Importance Of Global Health

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The U.S Institute of Medicine defined global health as “Health problems, issues and concerns that rise above national boundaries and need to address by co-operative actions” (UNICEF/WHO, 2009). Health is very important for everybody and health of each individual depends on the health of others. There is also an ethical dimension to health and well-being of other people and health is closely related to the economic and social development of the country. Therefore, by studying global health it will gives us the better understanding of global health challenges and what must be done to address the health problems effectively (Gorton, 2009).The main aim of the global health is to improve public health, to prevent the international spread of disease …show more content…
Therefore, in global health of nursing we will meet people with cultural diversity. Hence, it is very important to have the knowledge by the nurses about the cultural diversity to provide culturally specific and appropriate care to the patients (Upvall and Effers, 2014). A culture is defined of an individual’s social behaviour, beliefs, values, lifestyles and their work and characteristics which guide them to view the world and making decisions (Larry and Purnell, 2013). Therefore, in nursing practice we need to be aware of the ethnocentrism and how we deliver best care to achieve positive outcome. As ethnocentrism can be a barrier to the delivery of competent nursing care (Berenson, 2011). While delivering the care of the patient if we see their things in our life experiences then we can’t deliver good care to the patient and can have serious consequences. An ethnocentrism view can be harmful to the patient. Thus, knowledge of cultural diversity is vital in nursing practice and we need to remove the thinking that we all are ethnocentrism (Berenson, 2011).
Many diseases are not limited to national boundaries, therefore can spread from one country to another and make serious consequences such as human death and also economic disaster of the country. Although, globalisation increases the spread of disease from one country to another but it also make easy access to medicines, medical information, medical equipments that can help treat and prevent the disease (Kawachi and Wamala, 2007). Due to globalisation it helps in the health system easily accessible of drugs in any parts of the

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