The Importance Of Getting An Education At A Young Age

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On this earth, most people are forced to get an education at a young age. We think that children need to start learning early on in life instead of waiting until adulthood. As a society, we want our young people to be as intelligent and creative as they can be. That’s why there are elementary schools and preschools to help children develop learning skills early on. This can benefit a person greatly in the long run. That’s why I believe that education is an effective and easy way for an individual to get ahead in life. Going to school for as long as someone can will impact their life tremendously. For example, there are some jobs that will only hire someone if they have gone to college or gotten some sort of degree. So if a person …show more content…
This is so important in a person’s life because we read or write something almost every day. There is no way someone could have a successful life if they couldn’t read or write. As I mentioned before, getting a job in this world is very important, and it would look incredibly bad if someone applied for job and couldn’t read or write. They probably couldn’t even fill out the application. There is just no way to have a well-paid job while being illiterate. This would also be a huge problem for someone just trying to have a conversation with another person. If someone can’t read or write, there is a good chance that this person can’t speak very well either. There vocabulary would have to be terrible since they were never taught how to interpret words. Speaking skills are very important in our society too. Great speakers can get far in life since they can talk their way through problems and situations. Not being able to read and write would also be make it difficult to partake in many everyday activities. A person like this wouldn’t be able to pay their bills, send or read texts, and read the newspaper. Reading and writing is arguably the most important aspects of education. Therefore, if people get a good education, they can attain the reading and writing skills a person needs to get a good job and be successful. As you can see, getting an education is so important for our society. People can get so far in life if they work hard and get a good education. Our high schools and colleges make it easy and affordable to pursue our dreams of trying to get a better life. They make it attainable to get a step ahead of the person who chose not to work at getting a solid

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