Arguments Against Mandatory Labeling

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Planning Your Call/Visit Assignment The controversy surrounding mandatory labeling of modified genetically organisms (GMO) has been going around for about a decade. Farmers, food producers, and the food industry at large are leading a legal battle to fight any decision that would require the adoption of mandatory labeling. Conversely, consumers have raised serious concerns about food containing genetically modified organisms. The United States of America are still the lead producer of biotech crops amongst the industrial countries with 69 million hectares of biotech crops and an increase of 5% in the last year (Broeders, De Keersmaecker & Roosens, 2012). For the record, the mandatory labeling of genetically modified food packages bill …show more content…
Nurses should make moral decisions regarding unethical behaviors. Their advocacy role goes beyond the healthcare setting and embraces the individual as a whole. Thus, promoting mandatory labeling of genetically modified food is of importance. Additionally to the ethical issue, nurse leaders and health policy makers believe that genetically modified organisms (GMO) issue have raised health concerns as well because of the uncertainty surrounding the safety of these food processed manipulated in the laboratory. Uncertainties about some health risks that may affect individual from consuming GMO processed food include antibiotic resistance, aller-genicity, nutritional changes and the formation of toxins (Maghari & Ardekani, 2011). Thus, mandatory labeling of GMO food is important to nursing because it will allow nurse leaders and healthcare policy makers to manage risks and mitigate the effects of any adverse reactions that may occur in the future. Risk-management strategies are complex, requiring input from multiple stakeholders and dedicated risk-management functions that can further develop internal expertise with regulatory policy (Balian, Wherry, Malhotra, & Perentesis,

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