The Importance Of Gang Violence In Belize City

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Residences in Belize City are concern with the spike of violence seen escalating recently. Our older population who have lived most if not all there live in this once peaceful jewel often express there observation of how the gangs are turning this city into one of the most violent country in the Central America and the world. “ Belize is officially the sixth most dangerous country in the world with an average of just over 39 homicides per 100,000 residences (Belize 2012 Crime and Safety Report 2012) The government of Belize must consider undertaking initiatives to curb and effectively tackle the issue of gang violence and factors that influence our youths. This paper seeks to identify the root causes and supposed influence that television …show more content…
Weekly, it is heard on the news of the spike of gang violence within rival groups on the Southside of Belize City. The question most often heard is what will happen to the younger generations who are exposed to an environment of drugs, guns and crime. Our young males particularly, those that are unemployed and uneducated because of a system that has failed them now sought a life style of making fast money. The government, the police, the parents, and society all contributed to this problem. Is it now too late, or is there hope in the horizon for our young males in Southside Belize City?
Purpose of the study
Gang violence involving our young male is an issue that needs to be studied and much attention must be emphasized on this social problem that is quickly escalating. The increase of gang violence amongst our youth is sending a negative message about Belize in the international arena. Where are we heading if drastic measures are not taking to curb this situation? Our young men are at war; injuring and killing each other as a way of dominance over rival groups. Though it may not be too late, it is best that this problem is rigorously dealt with in order to remedy the problem before it reaches a point of no return.
Significance of
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A large number of our youths could not afford the education they so desire often as a result of poverty or unemployed parents that could not afford to send them to further schooling. Youth violence and gangs are of particular concern in urban areas, where lack of education and employment options converge with the prevalence of guns and trafficking networks (Peirce and Veynat-Pontet 2013). These young males feel like they have no choice but to hang out on the block becoming exposed to an environment of gang violence as their means to survive. As well there is failure on the education system by not providing the adequate resources required. According to Dr. Gayle, the unavailability of adequate resources structurally flawed outdated colonial system and a school operating as welfare centers has taken away from teaching time, which are the main problems in Belize achieving its millennium goals. Although not compared to the Caribbean and Latin America, Gayle stated that it is a cause for alarm at the Secondary School

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