Gang Violence Video Analysis

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It is outrages to see how many young children are falling into the path of gangs. By watching these three vice videos you get to see the similarities and the differences among the gangs that are outside the United States. However the appealing factors that cause the young youth to join a gang have not really changed. Brotherhood, money, and the life cycle of being raised into the gang can be seen similar across the cultural gang path as well as the aspect of poverty can be seen as the leading factors to the life of gangs. The government must find a way to stop the issue because constant brutality and obligation as seen in the three vice videos haven’t really worked. The first video was based on The Subway Gang of Mexico City, which was a group of young kids that join a big combo …show more content…
They are two gangs that have expand into many other areas but they have really taken control in El Salvador causing a huge eruption of gang violence among the people of El Salvador and the police. People lack security in their own town because they are being controlled by the gang rules. It is sad to see the fear and control gangs have among this society. The police department had to wear mask to cover their identity since they don’t feel secure many of the people that were interviewed were taped from the waste down because they were scared to speak about the gangs since they all run the risk of being killed. The outbreak of gangs has caused the government to label their actions as terrorist organizers because many of the gangs are killing bus drivers, planting bomb cars and killing cops when they are off duty. Both of these gangs have become a growing issue that is causing death in pain for many of the people living in El Salvador or any area around their because it has begun to spread and the countless number of death continues to

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