The Importance Of Friendship In The Fox And The Hound

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“Someday my prince will come” (Caselotti 0:01). Snow White, one of Disney’s original princesses, truly demonstrates Disney’s theme that “Prince Charming” will come and sweep the princess off of her feet, and they will live happily ever after. However, Disney had been criticized over the years for having this same plot in all of their movies. As a result, Disney movies have evolved from the typical Disney Princess being swept off her feet by her “Prince Charming,” to more modern themes. In the 1981 film, The Fox and the Hound, and other later Disney movies, also, new themes start to develop. A viewer can see the Disney writers start to highlight the importance of friendship. In The Fox and the Hound, the writers introduce two true friends, …show more content…
This is illustrated very well when, after Big Mama warns Tod about how Copper will change into a “hunting dog,” Tod immediately responds by saying “Oh no, not my friend Copper. He won’t ever change.” (Fox) The critic can see that Todd has the confidence in Copper and their friendship, in spite of what everybody else thinks. However, when Copper returns, Copper says, “Tod… I don’t want to see you get I’ll let you go this one time” (Fox). Copper also, still appreciates Tod’s friendship, but this friendship must be experienced in a new way. Later, the amount of appreciation for one another is present. Tod hears Copper’s distress call and runs to help his friend defeat the bear. The observer can see really start to see how much Todd still values Copper as a friend. Copper then, return the favor. As Werner Senn, the editor of Families, states, “The utopia of fox and hound is that they do manage to overcome their instinctual animosity and don’t and kill each other, hound even rescues fox at the dramatic climax,” (149-150). Copper has the same respect for Tod. Disney does a good job of developing these two characters into unlikely friends, against all

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