French Engineering During The Renaissance

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During the time of the Renaissance, French engineering evolved to become more complicated and more precise. One of the many inventions that the French engineers came up with was the metric system, which is a way to measure things instead of using the king’s arm to measure a yard. This system was put in place in order to help with the measurements that were need to building a house or bridge. It was no longer good for people to be guessing on the right length or height for something because that was not efficient and would eventually lead to the demise of many structures. The French played a key role in the significance of measurements in the Renaissance, how the engineers were taught, and how the artists were eliminated from the employment pool. …show more content…
H.). These people that were taught math and mechanics were those that came to be known as the “civil engineers.” This shows that before the Renaissance and the French engineering, “most of the great inventors and builders did their work without formal education” (Lienhard, J. H.). Without formal education, the measurements of structures that were being built were just estimated and done by trial and error, but then the French engineers came in and began to rework society and the old ways of doing things in the Renaissance. Even though the French brought in the metric system, current American engineers use the English conversions of the metric measurements since the metric system is too precise and in not achievable without a significant

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