The Importance Of Food In The Navy

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I have always struggled with the amount of food I consume good or bad. Since I was just a young boy there has always been food in my life. When I say in my life, I mean that I for one have never had a struggle to find food eat. Some of my earliest memories were going out to eat every Friday night with my family. From childhood to adulthood, there has always existed healthy food and unhealthy food around and this will probably remain the case until I die. When was the last time you could not find a place to eat driving down the road when you are in a town The need for food is a craving a want a necessity. It is an essential part of life needed for survival. Self-control it’s something we all need and I believe something that I need to learn …show more content…
Out on my own having to fend for myself to and get my own food. There were good times I had in the navy and good food along with it. When I was in the service, I had to keep my weight down. Not only did this mean exercising but also meant my food intake had to change. While in the navy, there was food and plenty of it, not only was healthy but it came portioned to the right sizes. When living on your own having to get your own meals and not have a lot of money you got eat small I even learn to cook a little not great but it was a start I made myself chicken at times and even cooked myself some fish occasionally. One of the best meals best meal I can remember while in the navy was when I ended up on the tiny thirteen square mile island of Diego Garcia. There always plenty of things to do while there so a group of us got together and went deep-sea fishing. The best part about the fishing is we get to eat what we caught. We were able to get the fish prepared all different kind of ways from raw, fried, and grilled and those were not the only available ways. Nevertheless, that time has gone and now I am out of the navy and eat the kind of food I use

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