Film Narrative Analysis

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Academic efforts such as Beyond the Multiplex:Cinema,New Technologies,and the Home (2006), Reinventing Cinema:Movies in the Age of Media Convergence (2009), Hollywood Gamers:Digital Convergence in the Film and Video Game Industries(2010), The Art of Immersion:How the Digital Generation is Remaking Hollywood,Madison Avenue,and the Way We Tell Stories(2011) and 21st-Century Hollywood:Movies in the Era of Transformation(2011) demonstrates a lot about how film develops in the contemporary digital era. The transitions and changes of film narration under the new technical conditions is an interpretation about "narrative is everything". With the revolutionary developments in film technology, the digital technology eventually constitutes the main trend …show more content…
The old rule is to uses voice, moving image and performance to talk about a general story with a familiar aesthete, while the modern digital aesthetics requires rigorous narrative and complex concepts to mobilize the audience, inspiring an interactive experience to the audience. It sometimes even ask them to repeat watch a same movie, ultimately gain decoded pleasure, such as the dream level discussion in Inception (2001). The old rule strictly abide by the existing program of filmmaking, including the continuity editing, linear three-act structure, temporal causal clarity and so on. The new digital aesthetics breaking these programs from the internal aspects, in turn closer to a presentation of the world compiled by games and online during different intertwined realities and spaces. In terms of the time, the subjectivity and consciousness is in accordance with the standards, leaving ambiguity and paradox between the reality and imagined world. Moreover, the old rule requires commercial film to strictly follow the formula in suspended genre, providing a self-contained character structure within both time and space while the modern one does not fear the cracks or broken in the narrative rupture. The way it asks the audience to interact with space and time constructs a significant meaning in regards of the film experience. In addition, the old rules requires all producing technique skills, such as editing without any traces, smooth camera movement and actor 's subtlety performances, to create a self-contained world,

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