Feminist Foreign Policy Essay

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Research Paper: Proposal
Resolution: All states should adopt feminist foreign policies.
My Opinion: Yes, I agree with this resolution.
Working Thesis: This essay argues that the feminist foreign policy should be adopted in all countries because equality among the genders can improve the development of a nation in different aspects.
Annotated Bibliography:
Source 1: Aggestam, K., & Bergman-Rosamond, A. (n.d.). Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy in the Making: Ethics, Politics, and Gender. Retrieved from https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/FEE6103E38181D831DA1BEBE8861C289/S0892679416000241a.pdf/swedish-feminist-foreign-policy-in-the-making-ethics-politics-and-gender.pdf.

Karin Aggestam and Annika Bergan-Rosamond
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There has been a progression since the early 1990s of how women are treated and allowed into the military. However, there was (and still is) a hard time for women to move up in the ranks because they are restricted from such positions, this ideology has begun to disintegrate, but it is still challenging for women to be seen as powerful. Stachowitsch says that most women are viewed as “non- threatening” and look for peaceful ways to resolve a conflict. There has been a study to prove that strengthening women in the military increased the awareness towards gender issues in Afghanistan in regards to education, the labour market, and health. With aggressive masculinity in the military, it has been linked to worsening human rights (ex. Forced prostitution and human trafficking among children and …show more content…
5. A stronger stance and regulations on sexual abuse and violence against women. -will have clearer cases and be taken more seriously-
 Margot Wallstorm believes that that women’s participation in peace, leads too more sustainable peace in a country. (The Decision-Makers, 2015)
 Wallstorm is forcing that any kind of sexual abuse is absolutely unacceptable. The cases will be properly investigated cases, because she wants to break the silence and stigma towards sexual abuse. She also is promising to provide protection, and security to survivors. (The Decision-Makers, 2015)
 Sexual abuse has always been a constant battle with women and there has been a lack of protection towards those who are victims. If Wallstorm falls through with her actions, the feminist foreign policy will give those a voice and a chance to recover and feel safe after a horrible incident has happened to them. The policy will give a chance for women to start again and come back stronger than ever, and with an openly supported government, the recovery should be easier and resources more openly

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