The Importance Of Family Identity

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I know little about where my family comes from, but I have always been curious about my family’s background. Although I have never made the effort to do any research because I did not realize how much it has affected who I am. Now, after completing the worksheets I understand my family affects every part of who I am and not just in my physical appearance, but they also my own values and beliefs.

Family Heritage and Values
Before I did any research I already knew my mother’s family was from Germany, but I did not know where my father’s family was from. After doing a bit of research and signing up for a free trial on, I can confirm my mother’s family did come from Germany. I also found out her family brought a skill with them from
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Consider a time you were ashamed? How do these experiences contribute to your view of the personal and social significance of race in your life today?
In the Jackson-Harrdiman Identity Model, I think I would honestly place myself between stages four and five. After completing this self-discovery project I have come closer to reaching level five, but there are still some ideas in stage five that I am still not fully aware of yet. I would like to have completed all the stages, but I guess as long as I keep progressing through the stages I will okay. I have set a personal goal to not only beware of the people that surround me, but also their experiences. Hopefully understanding people’s history will help me progress faster.
I do not think there has been a time when I have been proud or ashamed of my racial identity, being biracial has just been something I have been content with. Not having these experiences myself has made me feel like my race is not of importance, it is just a box I check on forms. Although, now that I have some more information on my family’s background I do feel a little more connected to my
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My experiences with oppression were not really all that intense and now I realize I grew up with a lot of advantages. Even though I seemed to grow up with a lot of privilege, I did not recognize it until I did the privilege exercise in module 8. I think the same also goes for oppression. I knew the definition, but had not thought I had much experience with it until the readings in module five.
After reading the Cycle of Socialization, I would place myself in the direction of change. Only because now I have become aware of the things we are born into such as oppression, disadvantages, and privileges. Reading about this cycle I could relate to each step, and at the end of the cycle is when I realized that is not necessarily a good thing. When it talked about media influencing us on who should of power, I immediately thought about white males controlling everything. I also realize that I unconsciously believed that too, in group projects I know it was always a male that delegated the responsibilities. Those males delegating the group were always white too, and I never argued with their authority because I had this assumptions they were already better than

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