The Five Faiths

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Faith is defined as a “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”, according to Google. All religions focus on providing answers to some of life’s most fundamental questions, like Why are we here?, Who am I?, Where will I go after death?, and more. In learning about the faiths and their answers to these age old questions, I have come to terms that there are certain aspects that pertain to all of the faiths and some that do not. This report will cover the anchor point of faith and religion, what nurtures a faith and religion, what I found appealing about the faiths, and what I found unappealing about the faiths. The Five Faiths
Through studying the five major faiths of the
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Although this was present in other religions many years ago, the empowerment of men is still a thriving practice in Islam. This type of behaviour has been unacceptable in the other major faiths of the world for years. Learning that a husband can have the women of his household killed for not accepting his decision about what they are to wear is utterly appalling to me. If this is what the religions view on women is, then I can confirm that I would not be happy being a muslim woman.

Islam: Polygamy I do not believe that a man can love multiple women equally, nor do I believe that the basis of many polygamous relationships are on terms of consent. If it is true, that in the Quran it is stated that men are more powerful than women, why would a man ask for his wife’s consent to marry another woman? He has more power than she does. Although some polygamous relationships may be entered for the right reasons, I also think that many of them are not. Another irritating aspect of polygamy is the fact that women cannot have multiple husbands. If there is going to be allowance for one gender to have multiple spouses, the same should be available and accepted for the other
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The moral codes of many of religions do not line up with my own. I do not live my life based on fear and with the fundamental anchor point of religion being fear, my values and way of life differ from those that believe strongly in their faith. Instead of the tenets of the faiths filling me with hope, I find myself filled with questions that cannot be answered. In many cases the answer goes along the lines of “That’s just how it is…” and for me, that’s just not good enough. I said earlier that I found the stories in scripture entertaining. However, they are too outlandish to put even the slightest bit of faith in. Furthermore, the amount of hypocrisy surrounding religion is too high to believe anything that the leaders of the faiths are preaching. With all the stories that are constantly in the news about religious leaders stealing, gambling, and abusing their congregation, how can anyone believe that anything they say is true? All this said, I do find the study of religion very interesting, and I think that we can learn a lot about human nature by looking at what religion was in the past, and what religion is now. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about five of the world’s major faiths and have the desire to continue learning about them and the other

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