Evolution In Public Schools Essay

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In today’s society, school curriculums are filled with a variety of topics, from the Math’s to the Sciences, English’s to the Foreign Languages. One of the many items contained in school curriculums includes evolution. Evolution is a highly controversial subject in science that typically starts many debates with differing views on the subject. Some are for the teaching of evolution in public schools while others do not agree with evolution and does not want it taught to their children on the grounds of religious beliefs or general disagreement of the subject. However, I believe evolution should continue to be included as a part of the standard course of study in public schools to students because students should be aware that the theory of evolution has countless examples, through science, as evidence that it is …show more content…
Since Charles Darwin created the theory of evolution, scientists have provided numerous examples, through science, that proves the validity and accuracy of the theory of evolution. One of the most popular species Charles Darwin studied was the Galapagos finches. In an article that talks about them, I have read that those finches are an excellent candidate for studying evolution, as they are a great example evolutionary diversification and a rapid increase in the diverse species. The same article also references how similar each species of Galapagos finch they are in comparison, in regards to behavior. In the article, “Evolution: Understanding Life On Earth.” The author, Cheryl Lyn Dybas interviews Biologists, Peter and Rosemary Grant, and they tell Ms. Dybas, “They are a textbook example of adaptive radiation, the evolutionary diversification of a single lineage into a variety of species with different adaptive properties.” (Dybas, Cheryl Lyn. "Evolution: Understanding Life On Earth." Bioscience, vol. 52, no. 8, 2002, pp. 644) Mr. and Mrs. Grant also tell Ms. Dybas, “One species,

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