Structural Reading Definition

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As a reader you want to read for a purpose. Reading requires thinking about what the author is trying to relay to you and what you can learn from the text. As a skilled reader you do not read blindly. You have a goal or an objective when reading. The purpose of why someone is reading will determine how they will read. When reading we are trying to translate what the author has written into the original meaning using our own ideas to aid us. To read for pleasure the reader is not stuck on fully understanding the text but instead just reading for personal amusement. For a reader that has an objective or goal behind why they are reading it is very important for them to understand completely what the other is trying to convey. Some reasons behind …show more content…
The reader focuses on what they can learn from the title, preface, introduction and table of contents. The reason behind reading structurally is to decide if the book is worth reading and to provide an overview of the text. With doing this the reader is able to get a basic feel of what the book is driving towards. As a reader you must know the basics on how to properly read a sentence and a paragraph. Reading a sentence consists of finding a way to interpret what thought is being expressed. Elaborating the sentence, finding examples and illustrating the meaning will all help to better understand the point or idea that is being given. It is very important to read with discipline by asking questions when reading a sentence. A good reader will read sentences in relationship to other sentences, connecting each sentence with a purpose. Carefully reading a paragraph consists of finding the ideas or questions that are driving the book. Using structural reading you will understand that it is important to locate key information within the paragraphs. Finding out what the most important idea in the paragraph is and how it relates to other paragraphs would be some of the things to reflect on when reading. Look for paragraphs that focus on significant ideas or questions. Try to actively engage yourself to see how the text can relate to you or any situation you may know

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