The Importance Of Effective And Quality Communication With Patients

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In high school, a counselor reached out to some of the students whom she knew were interested in healthcare. An adolescent psychiatrist from our local hospital was giving a presentation to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare disciplines, as part of an annual education conference. The presentation was focused on how to communicate with the teen-aged patient. She asked four or five students to serve on a student panel. We answered her questions and gave our perspectives during the presentation. Afterwards, the audience asked us questions. It was one of my first experiences with healthcare and exposed me to the necessity of effective and quality communication with patients.

For a summer job before my freshman year, I started working full-time (i.e., 40 hours a week) with a plumbing/heating/air conditioning company. I began by doing lots of "groundwork," which consisted of digging trenches for the pipelayers to use. Eventually, I started working with a plumber, and helping him with duties ranging from measuring pipe to helping install toilets. I was able to help him finish projects quicker. I also helped HVAC technicians with installation of heating and air conditioning systems.

I ran track and cross country for six years before college. To stay connected to the sport I love, I have spent a lot of time over the years volunteering at local track meets and road races. Some of the responsibilities I have had are officiating at a conference championship for lane violations,…

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