The Importance Of Educational Policies In Global Education

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As education is a fundamental human right, it should be given the same essential status as all the essential elements of societies, such as food, water, faith and freedom. Learning supplies students, and adults with the aptitude to analyze, amend, to make choices and to have an overall better life. Education is the only real means of providing the young with skills in analysis and understanding that can stop the generational succession of paucity. Knowledge is the main component in a nation’s desires and plans to improve the lives of its people and to create financial and social progress.

The duty of the policy brokers is to make the words stated in the first paragraph come true through organized, feasible and fair policies in global education
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It offers some proposals for plans that can deal with issues that divide, discourage and antagonize people who feel their traditions and cultures are being shredded. This brief refers to examples of countries from around the world that focus on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) policy. The procedure and approach employed in this paper make it possible to devise educational policies that can be used in the development of all areas of a system of education, like curriculum and evaluations, expert instructor development, and research and appraisals and the integration of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) through a child 's …show more content…
Globalization has resulted in seemingly insuperable challenges and momentous prospects for those in education who both set and enforce educational strategy. Even after the greatest economic downturn the world had experienced since the Great Depression, some nations have witnessed a powerful industrial upsurge. Yet, in other countries, the workforce can only choose between poor-paying service jobs and well-paid, academic-based jobs. This disparity is not due to a lack of education. The lack of education is due to disparity. Logically, it reveals also that the best and perhaps only real way to bring about parity between the masses is education. which demonstrates the great importance of education (Levy & Murnane, 2005). Due to the massive changes taking place through globalization in economics, industry and education, major shifts in staffing, management, assessments, teamwork, and a plethora of changes have revolutionized international and local ways in which professionals do business today. Many of these transformations have been facilitated by the employment of information and communications technologies (ICT) for mobility, access, the distribution of information, and new product design (Autor, 2010).

In 2000, the biggest assembly of world leaders on record dedicated their countries to decreasing severe poverty by 2015. Amid the aims that were pledged by the year 2015, were lofty promises to eliminate starvation,

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