Preschool Vs High School Essay

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Preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school all systems made up by our society with the sole purpose of educating our youth. In our society education is very important it 's very valuable and it can shape how we approach our lives in this so called “real world”. The elementary school I attended was named Crestview Elementary it was closed down about four years ago and turned into an adult school. When I was enrolled there it was a ten minute walk from my home, just right up the street. I lived in a lower-middle income neighborhood but other students at that school came from wealthier middle income neighborhoods. The school always had fundraisers, events, and special programs going on after, before, and during school, but the only program I was ever in was Speech. My reading speed and comprehension was low. My math was average at best and I had a speech problem where I couldn 't pronounce my r’s. I never scored high enough on test to get into the GATE program, but after two years I finally made it out of Speech. My time in elementary …show more content…
I was put in ELD (English Language Development) classes as opposed to a regular English class. After less than a year in ELD I was moved to a regular English class and I was in an average math class. My second year of middle school I was wrongly recommended for honors English and math; needless to say I could not handle the workload. The classes were too advanced for me. After that I was in my last year of middle school where I was put in a regular English class, but once again I was falsely recommended for an advanced math class. I was placed in Algebra 1 and struggled the entire year. The best I could ever do was a D; enough to graduate from middle school. I don 't feel as if I was tracked just average. Needless to say middle school academically was a terrible time in my

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