What Role Does Money Play In Education Essay

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Take a moment to contemplate this question: Can two students of the same age from two different economics statuses receive the same type of education? Many people would argue yes. On paper, all that is needed to receive a good education is a teacher who has knowledge and a student who is ready to learn. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Education requires the right resources and programs. The only way schools can receive these necessities is if they have the funds to afford them. This is where a grave problem in the educational system becomes apparent. Currently, money plays a large role in education because schools need supplies and staff, certain tests need to be taken, and students wish to get a college degree.
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From this, we can see that students wish to learn. To successfully educate students, schools need funding. They need funding to hire enough qualified teachers and receive the materials needed to teach every student. When one reads the constitution, they will find that school funding is a responsibility of the state. In the year of 2013, New York spent roughly $17,000 on every students’ education. On the other hand, California only spent around $9,000 per student. By gaining this knowledge, one can realize that a state’s economic status greatly affects a student’s education. The amount of money that schools receive from the state determines what texts they can afford and what staff they can employ. Low amounts of money result in overcrowded schools. Remember how Tagore spoke about how a child’s brain is always growing and questioning the world. When the teacher to student ratio is off, the students do not have the opportunity to ask questions. Aside from staffing schools, money also determines the texts that will be used to teach the students. A mother named Meredith Broussard went forward in an attempt to find out why her son …show more content…
On average, private universities cost about $32,405, in-state public universities cost about $9,410, out of state public universities cost about $23,893, and community college costs about $3,3347. Any way it is looked at, students must pay to attend college. There are things such as financial aid and scholarships that can help students pay for college. However, it is rare that financial aid and scholarships with cover all expenses. Due to the college tuition being so steep, some students do not have the opportunity to attend college or drop out because of financial issues. Students who do attend college commonly have student debt. Students accumulate student debt by receiving loans from universities so that they can afford to stay enrolled. These loans generally come with an interest rate as well. The average student debt for students who graduated in the year of 2014 was $33,000. College tuition and student loans are such a big concern that the current presidential candidates are focusing on them within their campaign. The democratic nominee, Hilary Clinton, spoke out about college debt having interest rates by saying “it is outrageous that young people are being asked to pay interest rates that are so much higher than interest rates to buy a house (Clinton).” It is evident that requiring students and their parents to pay high amounts of money to attend college is a concerning

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