The Importance Of Education In Education

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Education is the art of accumulating knowledge and utilizing that knowledge in everyday life. The lifestyle and the standards of the workplace have reformed massively for the American people since the birth of the United States. However, in the last couple of decades there has not been much innovation in our academics to keep up with the American ideals of diverse backgrounds in the workplace. The education system in place is only allowing a certain type of student to succeed on to the workplace, while not giving the rest of the students an opportunity to be a part of the workplace and create a varied American working class. In fact, throughout the years the United States has declined significantly in the realm of education, an issue also …show more content…
Cathy Davidson explains, “It’s as if we’re still turning out assembly line kids, on an assembly line model in an infinitely more varied and variable customizing, remixed, mashable, user generated, crowdsourced world” (61). The domestic workplace has progressed immensely, but the education system is still following its standardized way of teaching which is simply not preparing students for a productive workplace. To mend this cookie cutter system there needs to be more inclusion of an individual student 's skills in their learning process. In the cookie cutter learning mechanism students are expected to retain information in the same way, regardless of a student’s assets and weaknesses. The cookie cutter method in retaining information is ineffective because it penalizes students for the skills they do not acquire but fails to recognize the skills the students do possess. Being able to use their advantages in order to grasp information, students will be better focused on the key concepts instead of concentrating on fitting in with the standardized system. For instance, if there is a concept that is in the core curriculum that needs to be taught, all students will learn the concept with different approaches and the educational system should attempt to cater to the various learning styles, instead of trying to teach students the concept in the same way. Maintaining various forms of learning styles early on in education will allow students today to form a more productive and variable workplace in the future. A personalized learning system will benefit the workplace socially because it will allow many different styles of retaining information come together and create a more productive workforce. A productive workforce with diversified learning

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