Education And Social Class Essay

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Education & Social Class
Social class is about placing us in a category in terms of occupation, education, wealth, and prestige. There are three categories: high class, middle class, and low class. In terms of education, social class helps us understand the importance of education. Knowledge is power. My arguments about social class are that education should be looked upon as in its true meaning of variability instead of just its relation with school, schools shouldn’t just give students grades with no effort, and universities should be less expensive.
Education has a vast amount of learning capabilities. Of course from schooling to everyday activities. However, people that drop out of school and live the rest of their lives in “less intellectual”
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Education should not be looked in only one of its capabilities (such as school) to our society. From the moment we are born education opens its doors to us and we gladly walk into that wonderful learning experience. If we look at education to be only in school and look at the workers to be non-intellectual, then there will be a possibility that jobs are going to be less of a value for salaries to decrease as well as for some of the top paying jobs. The true sense of education is not something that is given to easily. Experience is the best teacher when it comes to education. In other words, we gain more knowledge when we experience on our own. If we are easily given the title of great intelligence without no intellectual background then most of us will most definitely fail in achieving our dreams. The values of college degrees will be less admired and there will be no telling which person had actually made it through college with hard work or through college with “counterfeit grades” (Staples). The expense of college should be lowered to get as much students in college as they can. Reputation is important for every single family in this society and I believe it should have a chance to stand out in its uniqueness from every family. Finance is the

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