The Importance Of Economy In Australia

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Australia is the only country that is also classified as a continent since it is surrounded by water and is a main continuous expanse of land. Furthermore, Australia has the necessary resources in order to be self-sufficient. While the majority of Australia’s land is not useful besides for tourist purposes such as visiting the beach or the Dundee to see the wild life. Thus, Australia relies on outside people coming in for its main source of income. Australia’s economy has been primarily focused on the service sector, because of an increase of people seeking higher education, globalization, and spatial interaction.
One thing that is unique about Australia is that it’s not just a country but it is also a continent measuring at 7,692,060 sq. km (United Nations, 2016, pg. 14). Australia is located within Oceania region in the Southern Hemisphere and Eastern Hemispheres with the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean on either side of the country. The exact location of Australia is 25.2744° S, 133.7751° E. The location of Australia allows for it to be interconnected with surrounding countries, Australia imports a large amount of their products from China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, and Germany. Primarily
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In addition, there has been a shift in the distribution of jobs due to more skilled works (United Nations, 2016). One of the leading causes of the populations shifting from agricultural work to service is because of the quality of the soil caused by a drought that could have be effected more heavily because of soil erosion caused by over grazing, and poor farming practices. The drought has also made water less accessible with a lower quality, leading to desertification of the land

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