The Importance Of Dreams In Waking Life

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Dreams are vivid, strange fantasies that occur in the resting minds. Often most people are so consumed in their dreams that they cannot differentiate if the dream is real or not. People often tell themselves that there is only one reality, but there are many realities. Dreams are proof of this; people can walk, eat, run, and do anything they please in their dream. That makes dreams another reality where people can live. The reality of the world is that it can be barbarous and unpleasant. Dreams provide a contented escape from it. People can also create various goals and ambitions to help them achieve greatness in the world that everyone occupies. People can do what they please and be what they want without any consequences. Dreams allow people to do whatever they want, create goals and ambitions, and offer an escape to a different reality from the tragic, cruel world that people live in today. As children, people wish for the most bizarre, ludicrous commodities in life. Over time, the naïve mind of children begins to wither away, but those innocent, uncanny childhood fantasies are always in the back of every person’s …show more content…
Dreaming is an escape to another world without the agony and discomfort. Dreams are luscious, affable, absurd, and unlimited. They are the alternative reality where everything is peaceful. Everyone is at ease, and there are no worries. Even if a person does not experience the harsh reality of the world, they can easily escape the dull, monotonous daily routine of life. The world can be a dreary place to some, and with dreams, people can achieve and be whatever they desire to be. Dreaming is the best way for a person to escape the world and leave whatever problems he or she had

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